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Dedication. Expertise.  Passion.

Britney & Yeti

Executive Director

Britney started her journey with volunteering and starting JTF when her 2 year old niece was murdered.  That tragedy caused Britney to start volunteering for people who needed justice and started the journey towards JTF's creation.

Glenna H.


Glenna's Bio coming soon!

Kiera S. Bella & Prince


Kiera started volunteering because she wanted to train her dogs how to track human scent.  Kiera has a brother who is a special needs adult.  He likes to run away and when he manages to run away he isn't found until the next day or even night.  I then came across JTF and noticed they not only had access to help train dogs but they also helped find missing persons.  I wanted to be a part of that.  So I volunteered and am so excited to help!

Nikky C. & Luna


Nikky's Bio coming soon!

Justin C. & Thor


Justin's Bio coming soon!



Tasha S.

Tasha started her volunteer service because she believes everyone deserves to have someone who cares about them no matter what because every single person matters to somebody.  The homeless community is very near and dear to her because her father wandered the Earth for many years and eventually died out on the streets.  Unfortunately, she didn't find out until many months later.  This inspired her to try and help others find their loved ones before it's too late.

Matthew S.


Matt just wants to help people!  Ever since he was a young child he knew helping others was what he was meant to do.  Matt really enjoys investing his time and investigating cases...and of course he LOVES dogs!

Amanda W.


Amanda's Bio coming soon!

Our Board

Britney Hartman

Founder/President/Executive Director

Coming Soon




Amanda Weeks

Board Member

JTF Fog.jpg

Dora Gustus


Join The Team!

Interested in Volunteering?  Email us and see how you can get involved in helping the missing in Colorado today!

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