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What is Justice Takes Flight?

In many horrible situations there are advocates that can help victims and their families.  This isn't the case with missing persons.  In a missing person's case you get a missing person's case number with the police station but that officer has other crimes, other victims families to help.  Families are often left feeling unsupported and confused.

We at Justice Takes Flight are here for families every step of the way.  From beginning to end, we are their advocates.  We help guide next steps, resources, and much more.


Each of us has a story on why we chose to become part of the team.  Each of our hearts are vested and dedicated to this.  We are here for you. 

Why We Started
Justice Takes Flight

And why we'll never quit


How Justice Takes Flight Got It's Name

A group of people came together on a missing persons case, Kelsey Berreth.  Kelsey was a young mother who was engaged.  She was murdered by her fiancé which made national news.  This group of volunteers decided to help other cases in honor of Kelsey.  They named the group Justice Takes Flight - flight in the name and plane in the logo because she loved being a pilot.



Britney's Story


In January 2018, Britney's niece was murdered.  Britney joined a couple of support groups for grieving families of murdered victims.  It became clear to Britney that there was a huge lack of help in missing persons.  Britney started volunteering her time on local cases.  She would reach out to families and ask if they needed help distributing flyers.  Slowly, over time, she met a group of people who had the same passions as her and they decided to make a nonprofit Feb 2020 so that families never have to face these tragedies alone. 

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