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Here are what people are saying about us!

Forever Grateful

Our son, Garrett Wade, had been missing for three days and the Park County Colorado Sheriff's Dept would still not send search dogs out to look for him.  Thanks to Facebook, someone recommended Justice Takes Flight and they had a dog handler, Duffy, out with his dog M.L. immediately.  Our son was found within an hour and a half.  Their compassion, dedication, and kindness can never be repaid.  We are forever grateful to them.

~Saundra Wade

Social Media

In a matter of hours following their social media campaign we started receiving credible tips that lead us to our missing daughter.  Thank you!!!  She is now safe at home.

~Scott Harper


Britney and Justice Takes Flight has helped me every day since my daughter went missing.  She helped with flyers, searches, dog searches, and she has even helped me to apply for the VISA to get to the USA to fight for justice for my daughter.  Madam Britney is amazing.

~ Margie Amaga

No Hesitation

Britney and the entire team at Justice Takes Flight never hesitated to help my family when my brother in law went missing in Denver Colorado.  We felt desperate and Britney changed that!  I hope she knows that I could never really thank her for the peace of mind that is reunification.

~Crystal Chaffee


I'm so happy this nonprofit exists.  It's wonderful that they're able to help people find their lost loved ones (including fur babies) when others have failed them.  They're just a small team of volunteers, too, but they truly care!


This organization is amazing.  My family had the unimaginable happen and our loved one was missing.  The Justice Takes Flight team is the reason our loved one was found.  They have been so supportive to us all.


Thank you for all you are doing to help all the families in need.  This is a wonderful mission and gives families hope to get the closure they need.  Thank you.
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