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Frequently Asked Questions


Common Questions and Answers...

How long do you have to wait to report somone missing?

You don't have to wait a specific amount of time.  As soon as you suspect someone is missing call and report it.

Does rain or water wash the smells away so the dogs can't track?

No.  Water actually helps the smells get into their nose deeper.  

Do we own the dogs?

YES!  Each dog handler owns their own dog(s).  They are our pets and family and home and our co-workers and bosses at work!

What is a bay?  Do all the dogs bay?

Baying is a long loud howl/sound a hound makes. The bay is dependent on the dog.  Not all hounds bay while tracking.

How long does a scent trail last?

It varies case to case but a good rule of thumb is six months.

How do you know they are on the scent:

Each dog has individual ways of telling their handler when they are on and off track.  That is why it is so important to train with them constantly.  Training makes sure that the handler and dog are speaking the same language.

Don't you want your dogs to bark/bay so the missing person hears and looks for you?

NO!  Whether our dogs are baying/barking or not, STAY WHERE YOU ARE and we will find you.  Echos can be deceiving get you more lost.

Why is your dog so skinny/healthy?

Bloodhounds are large/giant breeeds.  It is not good for their joints to be heavy.  Working dogs need to be trim.

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