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Frequently Asked Questions


Common Questions and Answers...

How long do you have to wait to report somone missing?

You don't have to wait a specific amount of time.  As soon as you suspect someone is missing call and report it.

Should I put my phone number on the flyer?

We do not recommend doing this.  There are a lot of scammers out there that look for missing person flyers.  They will call and give information that seems real. We offer a tipline so we can deal with scam calls.  We don't want family to navigate this alone.

Who goes missing?

Anyone.  We help people from all walks of life. 

Why don't the cops do more?

Many of the families we help were told "It's not a crime to go missing."  Some people choose to walk away from life.  Unless there are obvious signs something happened cops have to walk a delicate line of respecting a persons privacy and investigating a missing persons case.

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