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About Us


Justice Takes Flight is a volunteer ran 501C3 nonprofit that helps support families in one of the most scariest times of their lives, having a missing loved one. We do way more than just create and post flyers on social media. We support the family from start to finish. Typically, we start by answering questions the family has and gather information on the missing person and the situation. Then we get the flyer out into the community. We will even make flyers if needed. If there is a location that needs thouroughly searched, we organize searches to clear that area. We get out in the community where the person went missing or was last seen with flyers and ask people if they have seen the missing person. We follow leads and tips. We contact media and billboard companies. Once the person is found, we help with finding any resources that may be needed. If the person is found deceased, we help with any needs the family has regarding arrangements, memorials, and support. We offer our support to families indefinitely.

Many families feel lost, confused, and unsupported. Police take the report and work the case, but there isn't anyone the family can lean on for support and guidance. In cases of domestic violence and other crimes, a victim gets support from a victims advocate. There isn't an advocate assigned to most missing person cases. That's where we step in.

Support has included:

  • legal and emotional support,

  • finding pets after a devastating fire,

  • using social media to get the word across (there has been times we've solved cases in a  day simply by asking the right channels in our network to spread the information),

  • quickly creating flyers to physically and digitally hand out,

  • getting the local news involved so families can get heard,

  • organizing search efforts

  • and whatever else is necessary to help families through what could be the scariest point in their lives.

We also help the homeless by providing donated essentials whenever we come across people in need during our searches. We do whatever is within our means to let people know people they are not alone and that help is on the way.





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