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In Memory Of

Unfortunately not every case ends the way we hope.  We honor and carry those people and their families and friends in our hearts.

Garrett Wade

In Memory of

Garrett Wade went missing January 13, 2020.  He went outside his girlfriends home at 10pm to have a cigarette and never came back inside.  His family from out of state desperately tried to get cops or search and rescue to look for him.  They found us on day 2.  By day 3 we were up there and unfortunately he was found deceased.

We carry Garrett in our hearts and in our team.  We have a bloodhound named Lady Mae Garrett, named after Garrett Wade.

Risa Johnson

Risa Johnson went missing in October 2019.  Her young daughter reached out to us and we started helping her.  We found out that she was tied to another missing person, Matthew Batterton.  They were found both found February 2020.  They had a single car accident and someone had finally found the vehicle.

Matthew Batterton

Matthew Batterton went missing in October 2019.  He went with Risa Johnson to Vegas and they were on their way back when they had a single car accident.  Their car was found February 2020 with them both there.  Their families remain in our hearts.

Graham Hebert


Graham Hebert went missing New Years Day 2021.  He had a traumatic brain injury.  Our dogs indicated a lake and divers found Graham right where the dogs indicated.  

We carry Graham and his family in our hearts.

Eric Pracht

Eric Pracht went missing July 2016.  He was missing for 4 years before he was finally found in April 2020.  Eric is carried in our hearts and in our team.  Britney's dog is named after Eric.  She asked Eric's parents if it was okay to name her new dog in his honor and they chose his nickname- Yeti.  Eric and his parents are in our hearts.

Jeremy Carlson

Jeremy Carlson went missing November 2021.  Jeremy's family was out of state and connected with us.  Jeremy was found November 29, 2021.  Jeremy and his wonderful family is in our hearts forever.

"Panda"Jessica Mayse

Jessica "Panda" Mayse went missing the beginning of January 2023. Jessica was a very talented resin artist and had many friends all over the world.  Her friends were her soul family and they fought very hard to get Panda home.  Panda was found a couple days later.  We honor the very bright light she was and still is through every heart she touched.  Panda touched many hearts including ours. Her light will forever be a part of us here at JTF.  Pictures are from Panda's candlelight vigil 1/9/23.


Nick Salvagni

Nick Salvagni went missing December 2023.  Nick's dog was found in Jefferson County at the Stegosaurus Lot on December 2nd.  Nick's car was found in the same lot late January.  A large search effort took place March 2, 2024 and a pair of shoes were found, but nobody was certain they were Nick's.  A couple of days later surveillance video proved the shoes were Nick's. On March 6th Jefferson County Sheriff's met JTF to collect Nick's shoes.  They called in the Calvary and within hours Nick was found.

Nick's search brought a lot of the community out and after Nick was found several asked to volunteer further with JTF.  Overnight our case load and staff grew.  We owe Nick and his family so much and we are so grateful to have been involved.  We will forever carry Nick in our hearts forever. 

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