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Our Services


We are a nonprofit group of volunteers who have decided to come together to help families of missing Colorado persons.  When a person goes missing, that family doesn't get always get an advocate. 

Families are often left in the dark

not knowing what to do. 

We do our best to help families

navigate through these tough times.  

Our team has a variety of skills to help families

find their loved ones -- or find closure.

If we don't have the resources needed,

we will help connect you  to someone that does. 






Contact Us For Help

Click below to fill out a request form. Someone should contact you within 24-48 hours of the request. 

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The Search

In March 2024, Justice Takes Flight organized a large search for missing Nick Salvagni.  Nick had gone missing in December 2023 in Jefferson County.  His car and dog were found in the Stegosaurus lot in Golden, CO, but he was no where to be found.

JTF enlisted the help of Wyofind, a search and rescue organization out of Wyoming ran by Stacy Koester.  With the help of Wyofind, Nick's family who flew in from all over the U.S., and local volunteers they scoured the search area.  A pair of shoes were found and though they looked like they could be Nick's, nobody could say for sure.

Three Days later surveillance video confirmed they were in fact Nick's shoes.  Police and other search crews deployed and Nick was located. 

Worker with Ladder

Hitting the Pavement

In the end of September 2022 the team went to Colorado Springs, CO to attempt to find a missing person.  He had been missing approximately six months.  His family was worried sick and needed to know he was safe.

We took homeless bags, (bags containing essentials like toothbrush, toothpaste, socks, food, water, etc) flyers,  hounds, and hit the pavement.  

We got a couple leads handing out the homeless bags.  We went to the area they suggested and got the dogs out.  The hounds took over and lead us right to him.  We got him some food, a prepaid cell phone, and some clippers as he wanted to clean up.  We then left so he could talk to his family who were anxiously waiting to talk to him.

When you donate to us you are helping us with fuel and expenses to get to the area of the missing person.  Your helping us pay for a prepay phone for them to have access to family to organize how to get home.  Your helping us fill homeless bags so that we can connect and hopefully get tips and leads.

You help us find the missing people.  Without you we couldn't do it.

Lost in Denver

A young man who had some mental capacity issues kept leaving the stove on in the house he was staying at in Las Vegas.  He was kicked out due to this.  His family from the other side of the country bought him bus tickets home.  He had a transfer in Denver and wasn't heard from since.

The family contacted us and we started searching.  We finally found him after about 3 months of looking.  He was tucked in behind an apartment building where two neighbors were feeding him.  Someone had robbed him so he had no money or food or way to get ahold of anyone.  We found him, got him into a warm room, and got him a cell phone to call his family.  We put a tracking app on his phone so his family could track him the rest of his journey, and got him on a train the next day home.  

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