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Other Ways to Give

Don't have time to volunteer?  Don't have extra funds to give?  Donate in other ways and help the missing and their families.

Here is how you can help!

We could use some items for searches that you may have laying around that you don't need anymore.  You can donate them to us for a tax deduction.  Here are a couple examples.

GoPro or other devices

We could use these to film our training so we can upload it to social media that way you can see more of what we are doing!  It would also be handy for any cases that may go to trial.  We can use the videos as evidence of what our dog(s) did.


Drones are very useful and we have a drone pilot on staff we just need a drone.  There is a software where you can type in the colors of what the person was last wearing and it will scan for that color(s).  

Your Talent

We have events from time to time.  If you are a baker, if you are an event planner, if you have some kind of talent you think would help us in any way please let us know!  Let's network and help each other!

Other Items

Flashlights, life jackets, dog supplies, search vests, first aid kits, any type of hygiene travel sized items for homeless bags, and prepaid phones.

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