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In Memory of those
4 legged lost in the Marshall fire.


Carlyle was one of the first pets announced as missing.  Carlyle reminded Britney of her dog Yeti, and that is when she knew she had to find a way to help.  Carlyle was the first pet Justice Takes Flight helped.  Unfortunately Carlyle didn't make it out of the fire.  Fly so high Carlyle.  Your family is in our thoughts.

Packer and Reggie's family was visiting Colorado.  The family left the dogs in their airB&B when the fire broke out.  The family rushed to attempt to get to them but they were unable to get there due to the closures and evacuations.  Justice Takes Flight found them both next to each other.  Packer was next to the food bowl which the family knew that is where their chubby boy would be.  Justice Takes Flight also found a metal LOVE sign right next to the dogs.  The family stated that it wasn't something they saw in the home before the fire.  To them, it was a sign from their boys. 



Fudge and Riley's family was in Utah and had a petsitter.  The petsitter was unable to get to the home in time.  Neighbors also attempted to get in but it was too late at that point.  Fudge and Riley are in our thoughts as well as their loving family.








Marshall Fire

Superior and Louisville Colorado

The Marshall Fire started December 30, 2021 shortly before 10:30 am.  The fire spread through the communities of Superior and Louisville.  6, 026 acres burned, consuming 1,084 buildings and causing 2 deaths.  Many families were away due to Christmas and several had pet sitters that couldn't get to the home in time.  

Justice Takes Flight, being so close to these communities, wanted to help in any way we could.  So we got one of our bloodhounds that track animals, Amber, and we went to help find the missing animals of the fire.  

Amber the bloodhound would sniff the rubble...the charred mess of what what was left of homes.  If she picked up a cadaver smell (dead smell) then she would mark it and we could tell the family where their pet probably perished.  If she tracked away from the home then we knew the animal probably made it out alive and that the family should keep searching.  In all we helped 36 families.

Here are some pictures of our searches and the areas and the pets we attempted to help.  Our hearts go out to all of the pets lost, their families, and the community.

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